• Lamlash Open 2023
    5th and 6th August

    Information on how to enter will be available early 2023

Lamlash Golf club men's Open 2022

WINNER Ian ‘Beef’ Kennedy

Playing off a handicap of 9, confirmed with his CDH number Ian ‘Beef’ Kennedy grabbed most of the silver ware in a field of 132 competitors.

Lamlash Golf club men's Open 2022 report



Playing off a handicap of 9, confirmed with his CDH number Ian ‘Beef’ Kennedy grabbed most of the silver ware in a field of 132 competitors.

The course received many compliments from both High and Low handicappers, many raving about the course condition and preparations by the ground staff, sponsors and committee. Enhanced, by the weekend weather, although on both days the later starters enjoyed the best conditions.

On the first day many excellent scores were registered by the recorder, the lowest being 61 scratch and many net scores (13) were under the par of the course. This provided a bit of anticipation, but most of them failed to back up the scores on the Sunday, when only (3) managed to be under the par net.


Saturday PHT Cup won by ‘Beef’ 69-9-60.

Sunday Drift Inn cup won by Cameron Logan 83-24-59

Over 18 holes.

Senior Scratch won by Sandy McArthur 5- 73 + 71= 144

Senior handicap won by Alastair Ferrier 17- 64 + 66= 130

Scratch Quaich won by Jamie Murchie +1- 65 + 63 =128 BLR

Lamlash Bay Hotel – Norrie McIntyre 10- 63 + 62= 125

Lamlash Open – Ian ’Beef’ Kennedy 9- 60 + 64 = 124


Over 36 holes, full results of the above to follow.

Draw for the best 8 Island residents for the McLean Salver

Craig Young +1 will play Sean Higgins 27

Mathew Dobson 5 will play Dylan Smith 11

Findlay Sillars 13 will play Andy Pattison 14

Norrie McIntyre 10 will play Liam Bremner 20

The first name being the challenger to arrange games at Lamlash

First round to be played by the 14th August

Second by the 28th August, final on Friday 16th September @ 1600


Magic twos on Saturday there were 16.

J.Murchie @ 8th, G.McGurk @16th, J.McGeachie @ 16th, I.Gillan @ 16th, A.Short @ 13th, A.Moore @ 5th, C.Love @ 7th, N.Stewart @ 8th,

Craig Young @ 2nd & 5th, A.Gibson @ 5th, C.Richardson @ 13th, S.McGurg @ 4th & 14th, A.Ferrier @ 16th and F.Sillars @ 17th.


Magic twos on Sunday there were 20.

S.McArthur @ 13th & 14th & 16th, Craig Young @ 13th & 16th, F.Sillars @ 4th & 14th, E.Evans @ 16th, D.Cameron @ 16th, G.Donaldson @ 2nd, C.Grant @ 15th, J.Brown @ 5th, I.Murchie @ 16th, R.Malone @ 4th, St Campbell @ 4th, J.Murchie @ 8th, Billy Skinner @ 16th,

G.Docherty @ 13th, G.Andrew @ 16th and G.Prince ‘ 13th.


Sponsored holes on Saturday.

1st Long drive sponsor A.Provisions - Adam Carnegie

1st N.Pin sponsor E.Cannon - Aiden Moore,

2nd N.pin sponsor Gardner family- Craig Young,

3rd Long drive for 13+ h’cap sponsor C.Brown- Allan McInnes

3rd N.pin sponsor Home & Garden – S.Robertson,

4th N.pin sponsor I.Beadnall – Euan Bone

5th N.pin sponsor Jameson joiner – Craig Young

6th Long drive sponsor Arran Domestic – Adam Carnegie

6th N.pin sponsor Tosh Wall – Neil Young

7th N.pin sponsor D.Harrison – C.Love in the hole

8th N.pin sponsor Ship House – J.Murchie in the hole

9th N.pin sponsor Arran Gift Co – Johnny Glen

10th N.pin sponsor V & A Crawford – John McGeachie

11th Long drive 13+ sponsor P. Cowan – Adam Carnegie

11th N. pin sponsor W.Currie – Johnny McLeish

12th N.pin sponsor tee table – Norrie McIntyre

13th N.pin sponsor J. Henderson – Gordon Short

14th N.pin sponsor I.Murchie – S.McGurk

15th N.pin sponsor M. Camping park – G.MacRae

16th N.pin sponsor Stewart IF – Ian Gillan

17th N.pin sponsor Neil Young – Craig Sillars

18th Target sponsor Monawilline – Nicol Auld

18th N.pin sponsor Chris & Ian – Pat Kelly


Sponsored holes Sunday.

1st Long drive sponsor Co-op - Neil Mckechnie,

1st n.pin sponsor E.Cannon – Mathew Dobson

2nd N.pin sponsor Gardner family – Greg Donaldson

3rd Long drive 13+ sponsor C.Brown – Greg Donaldson

3rd N.pin sponsor Scott Campbell – Tom Paterson

4th N.pin sponsor I.Beadnall – Craig Young

5th N.pin sponsor P.Jameson – Jack Brown

6th Long drive sponsor N.McIntyre – A.Moore

6th N.pin sponsor Tosh Wall – Euan Bone

7th N,pin sponsor D.Harrison – Adam Carnegie

8th N.pin sponsor L.Chemist – J.Murchie in the hole

9th N.pin sponsor Arran Gift Box – Kenny Glen

10th N.pin sponsor A & V Crawford – Alan Hunter

11th long drive 13+ sponsor P.Cowan – Alan Docherty

12th N.Pin sponsor tee table – no winner

13th N.pin sponsor J.henderson – Craig Young

14th N.pin sponsor I.Murchie – Billy Skinner

15th N.pin sponsor M.Camping park – Gordon Hendry

16th N.pin sponsor Stewart IF – Iain Murchie

17th N.pin sponsor N.Young – Scott Campbell

18th Target sponsor Monawilline – Chris Wall

18th N.pin sponsor Chris & Ian – Todd Jameson


PHT Cup (18 holes)

1st Iain Kennedy 69-9-60, second Ryan Armstrong 69-7-62 BIH

3rd Mathew Dobson 67-5-62


DRIFT INN CUP (18 holes)

1ST Cameron Logan 83-24-59, second Todd Jameson 69-7-62 BIH

3rd Eugine Mitchell 75-13-62



1st Jamie Murchie +1- 65-63- 128 BLR, Craig Young +1 61-67-128,

3rd Jack Brown 4- 70-68-138


Lamlash Bay Hotel (best local) (36 holes)

1st Norrie McIntyre 10 63-62-125, 2nd Findlay Sillars 13- 63- 63-126,

3rd Sean Higgins 27- 65-62-127


LAMLASH OPEN AUGUST 6TH & 7TH 2022. (36 holes)

Booby G.Donaldson -no handicap

Fifth Dylan Smith 11-63-65-128

Fourth Sean Higgins 27-65-62-127

Third Findlay Sillars 13-63=63-126

Second Norrie McIntyre 10- 63-62-125

First Ian ‘BEEF’ Kennedy 9- 60-64-124


Lamlash Open 2023 5th and 6th August.